"You could perfectly say that I am satisfied. Both with the product and with the response of the IT support technicians if required. Kalipso is an excellent development platform where you can cover most projects"

About GSM

Grupo de Software Mediterráneo (GSM) is a Spanish company founded in 1991 dedicated to developing software solutions to meet the needs of the information technology market.

The company has successfully developed ERPs and has stood out notably in the Food Distribution Sector, Security Service Companies, Infrastructure Maintenance, Personnel Quadrants, and Sales Force Solutions.

The objective set by Grupo Software Mediterráneo is the continuous improvement of its solutions, which grow with collaboration and day-to-day experience. Its applications are known to contemplate all phases of the business.


The Application Gesdroid

“We have several applications in Kalipso, but the most important and used is Gesdroid for mobile and tablet. We have been developing this app, particularly for four years, and it is in constant growth, so the end of development has not yet come”, explains Xavi, IT Technician of GSM.

Gesdroid is the sales management application for devices under the Android operating system. It is focused on controlling the warehouse operations, cargo loading, and sales of companies that focus their activity on food distribution.

The history of this app goes back several decades. The idea for this application came in the 90s. First, Gesdroid was used in Post devices, then in Psion, Windows CE, Windows Phone, and Windows. Since 2018 it’s been used exclusively on Android devices.

Main features of Gesdroid:

  • Sale of Items by Box, Units, or by variable weight
  • Stock Control in Trucks
  • Management of net prices or discounts
  • Promotions management.
  • Traceability of articles and Batch Management
  • Router with an order of visits
  • Management of portfolio collections
  • Incident control visit
  • Preloads/Truckloads
  • Warehouse/truck inventory
  • Liquidations
  • Merchandise distribution
  • Sale X barcode reading
  • Route observations
  • Send/receive files via FTP
  • Backups
  • Issuance/Reprint of Invoices or Delivery Notes

Gesdroid is a complete and fundamental solution for companies that want to optimize their work process, improve organization and increase the effectiveness of operations, which will result in increased business volume.



Why Kalipso Studio

“We chose Kalipso for its clean design environment, ease of use, extensive plugins, and features that make mobile app development work much easier for us”, says Xavi.

The GSM IT Technician also mentions that the ease of developing some specific tasks, which would generally require more development time, is one of the significant advantages of Kalipso.

“The connection with the database or FTP, and the lists (loopers) are two examples of tasks that can be done quickly and dynamically with Kalipso“, concludes the IT Technician.

Overall Feedback on Kalipso Studio

“You could perfectly say that I am satisfied. Both with the product and with the response of the IT support technicians if required. Kalipso is an excellent development platform where you can cover almost all projects”, concludes Xavi Blanco, IT Technician of GSM.

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