Kalipso Studio is a mobile app generator that allows you to build applications for Operative Systems such as Android, iOS, and Windows (Mobile, CE,  and 10).

The platform runs in Windows PCs, including several features ideal for accelerating the development process, by including pre-established actions for different hardware devices (Zebra, Datalogic, Cipherlab, NordicID, among others) and connection with technologies such as barcoding, RFID, NFC, GPS, or printing.

The result includes different actions on a drag-and-drop environment user-friendly even for non-developers, that will for sure reduce the time and investment needed to build a mobile solution.

Kalipso Studio differs completely from other solutions designed to build mobile solutions. The platform lets you work in an offline environment while providing you already integrated SDKs for several hardware devices from our technological partners.

We also provide a big amount of icon sets so that you can use them in your projects without further costs. Apart from it, you must know that there are no royalties’ policies, so if you detain a license, you will be able to deploy how many apps you want for how many devices you wish, without any further costs.

Kalipso Studio is prepared to integrate any 3d party technology, from hardware devices to other software. If you wish to integrate something very specific in your apps made in Kalipso, please contact our team so that we can help you with it.

Yes, you can. Our trial version allows you to use all the Kalipso functionalities in a maximum of a 3 windows project. If you wish to try something more complex with more than 3 windows, we are completely available to provide a solution for you.

No, Kalipso Studio is a platform dedicated to mobile applications. You won’t be able to develop web apps in Kalipso Studio. But you will be able to connect a web app that you might have developed with a mobile app developed in Kalipso Studio.

A subscription allows you to access the platform for a certain period. If there is a new version released during that time, you will also have the chance of getting it. Also, you have support included. After that time, you will need to renew your subscription to be able to work in Kalipso Studio.

A perpetual license will be yours forever. If you wish to upgrade for new versions after purchasing it, you will need to have an upgrade contract (renewable every year). For support, you will also need a contract.

You won’t lose your apps. All the files you export will be able to be installed and will run on a device. Also, if it happens for you to have an app in any store, it will continue to work. However, if you wish to make any change in the project you will always need an active license.

If you opted to have a subscription, to change a project you will need to have that subscription active.

If you opted to have a perpetual license, you will always be able to change your project.

Kalipso Studio licensing is per developer. This means that you will need an additional license to have two people working at the same time.

There are no limitations for Kalipso Studio*. You can deploy as many apps as you wish for as many devices as you wish with a single license.


*For Kalipso Studio Voice Edition there is a cost per device

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