Buy one license and develop as many projects as you wish, deploying it to as many devices as you need. We won't charge any fee per device/development. This includes the host communication software (Mis Communicator).

Get the best performance with native apps. No matter if deploying for Android, iOS, or Windows, your apps will speak the same language as the OS.

Deploy your apps to different Operative Systems. We currently support Android, iOS, and Windows (CE, Mobile, as well as 10). All this comes with no additional costs.

Access your database online and offline. Through our powerful ODBC/OLEDB gateway (MIS Communicator) you can access any database using WI-FI, GPRS, 3G or any other kind of communications. Access your info anywhere, anytime.

Virtually all kind of communications is supported by Kalipso. You can create applications working Online or Offline, with synchronization process using GPRS, 3G, WI-FI, Bluetooth, USB, or Serial Ports. In fact, directly or using MIS Communicator (our powerful communication gateway).

Push Notifications are available in Kalipso Studio. Send notifications to your mobile team easily using Google, Microsoft, and Apple notification technologies in an app made in Kalipso.

Barcode reader control is available natively for the major hardware brand devices on the market. Several wizards are available on this platform, in order to help you to be more productive and fast when creating applications.

You can use NFC in Kalipso for reading and writing tags in Android and iOS.

Kalipso Studio helps you to read and write a different kind of tags, with different frequencies, just by dragging and dropping. Manufacturers like Intermec, Unitech, Datalogic, Baracoda, and Zebra are available on the Kalipso platform with direct actions. Also, it is possible to connect to another type of manufacturers' devices using external DLLs or by using direct communications (serial or socket) between the RFID modules and Kalipso.

Kalipso has a powerful printing engine based on the MIS-ML language. With this printing engine, it is possible to create or change reports and documents for printing in virtually any portable printer of the market. The creation of PDF files is possible with this engine and the created documents can be previewed and sent by email.

With a group of pre-built actions for Geolocation, Kalipso lets you connect to a GPS NMEA module (internal or external) and retrieve at any time coordinates, speed, bearing on the terminal. This can be useful for tracking your mobile workers, sign your orders or services with the coordinates where the order or service has been taken.

Voice Module allow you to develop apps integrating speech recognition.

Security is now more important than ever. Several features exist in Kalipso to provide even more security to your Apps: encryption actions, certificate pinning, proxy settings, and SSL Sockets.

Send and receive emails or SMS is quite easy to do with Kalipso. With integrated actions for this purpose, simply drag the action you need and let Kalipso do the rest. You can use SMTP/POP3 or Pocket Outlook to easily manage your e-mail or SMS messages. If you are using Pocket Outlook you can also manage your contacts by adding, modifying or deleting contacts.

Signature on screen, camera capture, barcode drawing on the screen, image conversion, and resizing are some of the available actions to control images.

The Internet of Things is considered one of the most profound transitions in technology today, creating unprecedented opportunities for business. Major platforms use REST API to exchange data between devices and the cloud. Use Kalipso HTTP Request to connect with these platforms.

Have an image with text that you want to recognize? You can integrate OCR in an app made in Kalipso Studio to recognize and extract text from an image file.

Kalipso allows you to create one application with different languages. Translate at the same time you are creating the application. This allows you to have a single application with different languages, and dynamically change the language on the field.

Kalipso Studio features several controls, such as Loopers, Charts, HTML Controls, Image Buttons, Progress Bars, Circular Charts, Gauges, Media Player, Scroll Area, Tab Control, Image from URL, and much more.

You can have an external JAVA library compiled as a JAR file or simply an Android APK, and invoke functions directly from Kalipso. If you need to have control or specific hardware or other types of SDKs from Kalipso, you can now create your own library for Android, compile an APK, put it in “Files To Send” folder of your Kalipso project and then just invoke functions from your library.

With a powerful communication and synchronization module, Kalipso lets you synchronize your local tables with your server database. You can transfer text files, images, videos, and any kind of file. Also, this engine has an ODBC gateway allowing you to connect and work with any database (with ODBC connection) on the network.

The very large set of actions inside Kalipso platform covers the needs of any kind of application. However, sometimes it is necessary to run external functions. Using our set of DLL actions you can open and run functions inside the DLL files. One of the most used scenarios is to control the barcode reader of a given terminal using the manufacturer SDK.

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